This is greatness. This is sincerity. This is redemption.

You have known it all your life. Do not deny it now.

It has called to you. All this time. You resist. You ignore.

You cannot accept.

This is your fate.

A jamming cat.

Know it.

Or do not.

If you will not jam, then realize.

A cat is many things.

Be them all.

Or be none.

Make your choice.

But do not deny cat.



copius coinpurse

This is Thoronir. You will know him by the lameness he commands. Do not pity this wretch, for he elicits all the traits of a weak-ass bitch.

Yes. He is your enemy. Deny him. Wound him. Torture him.

There is no greater justice. No greater vengeance. A lame-ass Elf such as this deserves no pity. Let such a creature know the charity he has forsaken. Serving the capitalist agenda, until there is no agenda left to serve. Let him fail. Let him die. Let him succ.

That is Thoronir’s fate

A weak-ass bitch, denied an ass.

End him.